Premium Healthy Snacks brings a wide range of premium quality khakhra at your doorstep. We use classical combination of modern technique and rich blend of traditional spices to prepare lip smacking range of Khakhra.

We use,
• RO Water
• Whole Wheat Atta
• Pulses Atta: Freshly grind in our in-house pulveriser
• Edible Oil: Best brand available in market
• Ghee: Best brand available in market
• Fresh Greens: Methi, Dhaniya
• Fresh Ginger and Fresh Green Chillies
• Iodized Salt: Best brand available in market
• Flavours: We blend high quality domestic grade spices to create authentic flavours
• No Colours and Preservatives added

All of our Khakhra is hygienically processed, machine made, contains minimum oil and have uniform Roasting.

We use special double packing (Shrink+ Vacuum) to protect Khakhra from Environmental condition.